Level 2 Certification Training Details

by Orlando Maffucci
October 11, 2018

Boxing For Fitness Level 2 Certification- Training Details

What is Boxing for Fitness?

BoxingForFitness.com (“BFF”) brings all the elements (gyms, trainers, coaches, and individuals) together to connect online for those seeking to teach, box or use boxing as a fitness regimen. Most people do not want to get hit but intimidation is the #1 reason people do not want to start boxing. BFF removes that fear factor immediately.

Orlando Maffucci, the founder of BFF, has created a certification program that allows you to teach clients in a safe setting. He states:

“I believe Boxing for Fitness is the greatest workout you can do for yourself both
mentally and physically. Through the boxing workout, you will generate some of the most empowering feelings known to the human body and mind. Boxing for Fitness will increase your confidence, self-discipline, inner strength, and power. It will relieve you of unwanted stress, built up toxins, and teach you one of the best forms of self-defense faster than any other workout.”

What are the Benefits to a Trainer?

A Trainer or Instructor reaching Level 2 Certification will receive these benefits and more:

  • Get certified by Qualified Instructors.
  • A potential Increase of their client base & yearly income.
  • Access to Gyms & Members across the country.
  • Access to gear, equipment, apparel & more.
  • Local & national listings.
  • Usage rights for Boxing for Fitness.
  • Public profile with your pictures, email, and contact info.
  • A proven systematic approach to teaching the boxing work out.

What are the benefits to your Clients?

Your clients will experience a new training regimen that you will be providing to them and love it. It’s safe, fun, exciting and new to them. In one hour, you can burn up to 1000 calories which are a huge selling point to tell your potential and existing clients.

When is the next Event?

All Boxing For Fitness upcoming Level 2 Training Events can be viewed on
our Event Calendar.

What will this event provide?

This 8-hour training course will provide the knowledge it takes to teach your clientsBoxing for Fitness. In the course you will learn the following:

Connect with clients:

How to build the correct rapport with your client. We will teach you how to be attentive to your client’s needs. You will learn the correct boxing lingo and how to effectively motivate your clients during their workout experience.

2-Basic Fundamentals:
We will take you through the entire Boxing for Fitness routine including
-Warm up time and exercises
-The fundamentals of boxing with a focus on combinations, and how to provide correct mitt work.
-Cool down time and exercises to prevent injury.

3- Growing your business and building your clientele:
We provide proven techniques to help grow your brand and image across many
platforms. Our marketing director will be on-site to provide training on how to engage with new and existing clients across social media, Boxing for Fitness profile page and how to promote it. You will be shown how to set it up for best exposure and how to upload your pictures, bio information, videos, and all social media links, your website, and how to add your own specials for your new and existing clients.

4. How to Instruct/coach your clients using a proven systematic approach to the
Boxing workout which includes:

  • Boxing warm-ups.
  • Boxing fundamentals are known as the basics.
  • Boxing combinations and mitt work/strike pad work.
  • Boxing circuit training and heavy bag workouts.
  • Boxing cooldowns and sit-ups/core.
  • The benefits of being a certified Boxing For Fitness trainer.


We look forward to meeting and partnering with you at Boxing For Fitness!

by Orlando Maffucci
October 11, 2018

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