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Weather you are an existing trainer or want to begin a new career as one. Boxing for Fitness instructors are in high demand and we can help!


increase your client base & yearly income

Access to gyms and members in your local area as well as nationally. Widen your reach and bring in more clients.


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With your public profile users will be able to like, favorite, review and share. With the power of our Progressive Web App, custom platform and social media links the ability to grow never looked so good.


get certified by qualified, experienced instructors

Getting Certified will give you the tools that so many clients are looking for. You will gain instant credibility and your value in the market place will increase as will your skills. Pricing for certification ranges from $99 for Level 1 online certification training to $399 for live in-person Level 2 certification.


special access to gear & equipment

With a Boxing for Fitness Trainer membership you will gain access to discounted gear, equipment & apparel.


I love the fitness part of it. Nobody’s getting hit in the head. I get to teach people Olympic style boxing, nobody’s getting hurt, but they’re still getting the same caliber workout as an Olympic boxer. It’s pure adrenaline in my classes. We get warmed up and go hard for a good hour. For some of my students it’s the highlight of their week. Everyone learns something, gets a great workout, and leaves with something they didn’t have when they came in that day.

Jack Silva
Trainer in the Boxing For Fitness community