How Women Use Boxing for Fitness to Empower their Day

by Orlando Maffucci

How Women Use Boxing for Fitness to Empower their Day

Boxing is one of the greatest stress releases and boxing is no longer just for the men. It’s the perfect workout routine for women after a stressful day at work or for moms whose full time job is to manage the home and kids. Boxing for fitness has grabbed the attention of a lot of women who are looking for ways to enjoy their workouts and get more out of their gym time. More and more women have started using boxing for fitness to empower their days and meet their exercise and stress management goals.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Aside from wanting to hit body tone goals and feel good about the way you look, getting rid of stress is a big component of boxing for fitness for women. Science shows that when you punch something your brain produces endorphins that make you feel good and relieve pain. These endorphins help with depression and anxiety as well. Another thing that gets released when you throw a punch is all the tension that has built up in your muscles.

Energy = Happiness

We have found that energy generally has more influence over happiness than happiness over energy. The hard part is getting started, but once you’re moving and your brain starts releasing the endorphins that make you happy, you keep coming back for more. Nothing gets you moving and releasing the happy chemicals like boxing for fitness. It’s one of the reasons so many people love boxing for fitness. The exercise gets their energy (and happiness) up and makes the rest of the day or night all the better.

Confidence Builder

Knowing how to punch is a confidence builder for everyone. Boxing for fitness teaches women how to punch, move, and defend themselves. Most women aren’t getting in a lot of fights… however just knowing how to fight is empowering and gives you a kind of confidence that can only come from knowing how to properly defend yourself. Any time you add a new skill to your toolkit of skills you feel better about yourself. And all the better if the skill gets you in great shape and makes you feel mentally and physically better.

Perfect for Shedding Post Birth Weight

There’s no secret that shedding post-baby weight is difficult for women. First off there’s the time element – you have very little of it. Second, there’s the hormone issue. Your body’s post-birth hormones are doing things that make it a challenge to slim down quickly. You need an exercise that combines cardio and strength training to get the best results. Boxing for fitness is the ultimate combination of cardio and strength work which is the best recipe for shedding excess weight. It’s also the most efficient workout for dropping weight because you’re doing both cardio and strength training simultaneously. No more doing your lifting and cardio separate. It’s the ultimate fitness two for one for anyone with limited time – like new moms.

The reality is everyone, including women, need exercise and a form of stress relief. Boxing for fitness is a thriving community where you can work all aspects of your mind and body in a safe and nurturing environment. Join all the other women out there who have fallen in love with Boxing for Fitness and start enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

by Orlando Maffucci

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