Featured Gym: Clarence “Bones” Adams

by Joe Hipple

Featured Boxing For Fitness Gym Interview with Clarence “Bones” Adams

As a gym owner Boxing For Fitness opens a massive door of new opportunity to get more people into your gym.  It’s a great way to grow your business and support your trainers while empowering your community with health and confidence. We sat down with a Boxing For Fitness gym owner and former professional fighter Clarence “Bones” Adams to get his take on what Boxing For Fitness has done for him and his gym.

Why did you get started in the Boxing Industry?
My brother and I started boxing when we were young kids. It started for self defense, and then grew into something I just did for sport. For whatever reason I was good at it. When I was eight years old I was featured on the TV Show “That’s Incredible” because I was such a boxing talent. Next thing I know I’m 46-0 as an amateur fighter. I turned pro at age 15. I was fighting grown men in my teens. I was the youngest fighter to fight for a title at 17 years old. I didn’t win, but it came down to the last round on the cards, and my opponent was an all time great in my weight class.

What do you get most out of managing / owning your own gym? How does providing boxing for fitness training fit into that?
I was pro fighter for 20 plus years, 10 years amateur, and now I mostly work with pro fighters who are trying to realize their fighting dreams. It’s tough making money for young fighters, they only fight a couple times a year, a couple rounds, and don’t make much if anything. I charge by taking a small percentage of their purse, so essentially I’m just helping these guys out free of charge. Boxing for Fitness allows more revenue to come into our gym by opening the doors to all people of all levels, not just professional fighters.

Out of all the great results you’ve observed from your clients, what is one of your favorite stories and what are some of the differences you saw throughout their training?
The thing I love most is watching the individual grow and get better. Somebody might come in here overweight, out of shape, lacking confidence. I love watching the transformation to confident in control, healthy individual. Everything starts with health. If you don’t have health, everything else in life is so much more difficult.

Do you have Trainers that teach Boxing For Fitness here and how does that help you, your gym and the Individual who is learning as a whole?
Yes, I have trainers that work here and help individuals one on one for fitness reasons. It’s great for the trainers because it gives them opportunities to generate more income. For the gym it’s great because we love having people working in here and it helps our bottom line. And for the individual they’re getting one of the best workouts possible in a truly unique environment and getting to work with trainers that train real professional fighters. You can’t get that anywhere else.

Gyms that teach people the Boxing Work Out regardless of their desire to box competitively. What would you tell those Individuals about what you have to offer and why they should come check out your gym and trainers?
When you come to our gym you get a more personalized one on one experience with the trainers. The gym isn’t crowded, it’s quiet and comfortable. The time slots for training are staggered throughout the day, so it’s never too crowded and works with different schedules. Nobody judges you, we’re all family here, no matter where you’re at from a fitness or boxing standpoint. If you come here and box for fitness, you’re going to get something you can’t get in any other type of workout environment.  You get community, fitness, and confidence.

by Joe Hipple

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