Your Journey Starts Here with Boxing For Fitness

by Orlando Maffucci

Your Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to “Boxing For Fitness,” a community of individuals like yourself who believe that the Boxing workout is the greatest of all workouts for the mind and body. It’s not about getting into the ring to combat against another person (though that is optional). It’s about Your Fitness… and how the same boxing training routine that the best boxers in the world use will help you with your mental balance, physical balance and put you in the best shape of your life!

For me, it’s been a long process and will be a forever process, because just like Boxing, we never stop practicing, we never stop perfecting our craft, we never stop learning, we never stop throwing punches and hopefully we never stop teaching and passing it down. That’s what Boxing for Fitness is mostly about.

It is not only about the love of the Sport, but the love of the exercise that this sport provides to all who wish to partake in it. It’s about bringing a culture and a community of Gyms, Trainers and Participants together under one common name, Boxing for Fitness. The name that describes, precisely, what over 35 million people around the world are doing.

Boxing for Fitness is not about having the guts to get in the ring to fight someone, that is there if you want it; but it is about having the guts to do the greatest workout known to mankind. A work out that will test your physical and mental toughness, inside and out, and will give you the greatest gifts the gift of focus, balance, confidence and an empowering mental and physical state. Yes, after many years of teaching one on one and group sessions, doing it myself and just being around this industry and culture, I have found that the majority of all who partake in this exercise feel the same as I do when they are using the Boxing workout as their fitness regimen. It is a great feeling! It is fun, exciting, keeps me lean, relieves my stress, allows me better balance and focus, my confidence stays strong and it’s just awesome every time!

I love to teach it and see how those who were full of fear and doubt when they started, realize with the right instructions, just how easy it is and have fun while training like a boxer. To witness the transformation of the mental and physical self is just amazing and really that is what brought me to this point.

I loved what the sport of Boxing did for me and my life at the time (more on that in another post). When I started coaching and instructing other youths like I was instructed, I felt the awesome magic in teaching a craft and watching the transformation. Taking what I have learned and passing it on was so fulfilling, I said to myself “this is what I want to do”!

Now many years later, Boxing for Fitness is here with the main goal of providing a digital platform where people can find Gyms and certified Boxing for Fitness Trainers to learn this awesome routine! I know this site will help about boxing as a fitness regimen.

Please share with a friend, check out the site, find a gym or trainer without intimidation, create a profile, have fun posting pics and videos of yourself and your fitness team. We have designed Boxing for Fitness so everyone will be able to experience the feelings of championship training regardless of gender, age or fitness levels. It is for everyone!

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Orlando Maffucci
Founder and President
Boxing For Fitness, Inc.

by Orlando Maffucci

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